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Daily Attestation Instructions

  • Navigate to and authenticate using your WSU NID and password. If you are accessing myWSU through the WSU Mobile app, tap the large my.WSU tile. Examples of both (left) and the WSU Mobile app (right) are shown below.
myWSU login screen
myWSU login via web browser.

CampusM App
myWSU tile within the WSU Mobile app.

  • If you have trouble authenticating, password recovery options are available at
  • After authenticating into myWSU, the COVID-19 Daily Attestation tile will appear on the homepage. For most users, the tile will appear in the upper left corner of the page.
myWSU Homepage

  • Click the COVID-19 Daily Attestation tile to complete the attestation.
myWSU Homepage with Cursor

  • Please review the attestation agreement found on this page.
COVID Attestation

  • After reading the form, make your selection and click “Submit”.
COVID Attestation with Cursor

  • If “Yes” is selected, the following message will appear. Select “OK” to continue.
COVID Attestation with Confirmation Screen

  • After clicking the submit button, you will be returned to the myWSU Homepage where you may continue to another task or log out. Note the attestation tile will change format based upon your response. The green letter/number combination displayed on the screen will change daily. If you wish to change your attestation for the day you may click the attestation tile to change your answer. Clicking the tile will also allow you to review previous attestations.
myWSU green screen

  • After clicking the tile, select any previous row to view attestations from previous entries. To change your attestation for the current day only, select the attestation with today’s date.

  •  The previous attestation is then displayed. If you wish to change your submission, make the selection and click “Submit”.
    • Please Note: Attestations can be changed for the same day only.
COVID Attestation Screen